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More notes of caution on the information revolution
by David Shenk
“With equal measures of plain old common sense and uniquely gifted insight, David Shenk is the ideal guide through today's head-on collision of culture and technology. Following up on the success of Data Smog, Shenk may understand the Information Age better than anyone else: he sees benefits and perils that everybody else seems too rushed to notice, and I predict that the ‘notes of caution’ he sounds in The End of Patience will be remembered by future generations for their prophetic accuracy. As you read, you’ll find yourself crying out in astonishment and complete agreement. If you feel overwhelmed by ‘too much information,’ you’re right — and you need this book.”
— Dan Rather

“An important book . . . Shenk offers something unique and valuable to a culture shell-shocked by the speed and fragmentation of communications and language in the Digital Age.”
— Jon Katz

“Finally, tech-crit for technophiles! Some philanthropist should buy a copy of ‘The End of Patience’ for every graduating engineering student. Shenk is a technology critic who knows and appreciates technology, but who learned to see what most modern citizens are conditioned to ignore — the shadows, the pitfalls, the hidden costs of technologies. The world needs to learn how to think about technology in new ways. While others look at the power or the wealth promised by new inventions, Shenk asks the most important question: Where is the human in all this?”
— Howard Rheingold

“David Shenk looks at the new face of our world with a curiosity and connection-making responsiveness that make him exhilarating to read. These are bits, takes, provisional sweeps at issues still coming into focus, but taken together they give us a startling glimpse of where we are. Shenk is so close to the present that most readers will mistake it for the future.”
— Sven Birkerts

“If the world of constant, instantaneous communication makes you a little nervous from time to time, David Shenk can explain why. This book is a very useful antidote to the endless praise lavished on the new electronic mediums. Read it slowly!”
— Bill McKibben

“Shenk [is] a technology critic with a knack for unraveling the complex....his writing has a sure, light touch that glides past the bombast of classic technopunditry. Happily, Shenk follows his own prescriptions, cutting through the information haze rather than adding to it.”
— Amazon.com

“Shenk, author of the celebrated Data Smog, articulates further uneasiness with the information age in this collection of provocative punditry....Shenk’s sentences are witty, often savagely funny. These essays, many of which are shorter than three pages, are entertaining, even if, in their brevity, they do not demand the patience that Shenk argues is such a virtue.”
Publishers Weekly

“Mostly fascinating and always insightful, this shows us both the promise and the pitfalls of new technology and how it affects us all.”
Kirkus Reviews

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